To The I-Land: the Comics of Barry Linton

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Click to read the story

This is a story first published in Look This Way: New Zealand Writers on New Zealand Artists, edited by Sally Blundell (published by Auckland University Press). It’s an appreciation, in comics form, of one of my all-time favourite cartoonists, the great Barry Linton.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Brad Brooks says:

    That’s a really fine appreciation of a truly great (and mostly unappreciated) cartoonist, Dylan, thank you. In my own version of Hicksville (in my head), LCD would have published everything of Linton’s we could have laid our hands on. Maybe someday, eh? ;)

  2. Brad Brooks says:

    Oh, and Merry Christmas and a very happy 2011 to you, Terry, Louis and Abe…

  3. This is absolutely wonderful and–in the heartiest praise I can muster–it made me want to seek out a cartoonist who was completely unknown to me prior to this comic. Merry Christmas and best wishes to you and yours for 2011.

  4. vollsticks says:

    I share the sentiments of Walter Biggins! Really, really interesting-looking work–not to mention absolutely, eye-poppingly, GORGEOUS. So, you completely piqued my interest in this cartoonist I’d never heard of (which in and of itself is worth applauding you for) but then tell us we’ve got about as much chance of acquiring his work as we have finding a rocking-horse that craps out golden turds…GUTTED! No luck finding anything of his for sale on-line. I thought that would be the case from what you wrote in your wonderful comic but I still had to try!…It really evinces a genuine, deeply-felt warmth and admiration for Barry Linton and his comics…damn. Someone really should put out a collection of this man’s work…I mean you can just TELL he’s a titan of cartooning, just from the pages you included in your own story. What a shame…”too individual”, pfafphh!!!…if the Paper Rad gang and, I dunno, Jim Woodring (echoes of whom I saw in the later examples of Mr. Linton’s work) can get published and carve out a respectable fan-base then I see no reason at all why this man can’t! Can you “have a word” with Tom Devlin?!!? Hah…seriously, though…thank you very much for introducing me to Barry Linton’s cartoons…maybe one day we’ll see a comprehensive, large print-run of his work…okay, thanks again Mr. Horrocks and I wish you and your family a Happy Christmas! All the best from the UK–


  5. There are publishing possibilities floating in the ether around Mr Linton that may or may not coalesce in the near future. We shall see (and fingers crossed!).

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