Out today in France: MAGIC PEN


Today is the official release date for the French edition of Magic Pen! Published by Casterman in a gorgeous hardcover edition in full colour, with a translation by the remarkable Jean-Paul Jennequin (who spotted every single obscure comics reference and even translated the barely readable bits written in medieval English). It’s hard to express how delighted I am with this edition!

So instead, I’ll just show it to you:






You can find out more (and buy a copy!) here.

P.S. It’s even available on your Kindle (in French)!

P.P.S. The New Zealand edition (in Kiwi English) comes out on November 27th, with UK, US, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish and Polish editions on their way.

6 Responses to “Out today in France: MAGIC PEN”

  1. Droooooool – it looks beautiful! I can’t wait for the US edition. I won’t get my hopes TOO high (the French editions are always nicer ;) but you’re with D&Q so it should still be pretty nice, right?! I’ve got a spot on my shelf saved for it, right next to Hicksville and Incomplete Works.

  2. Thanks Alec! The US edition is from Fantagraphics, and it sounds like it’s going to be pretty sweet, actually. Out in the New Year, I think.

  3. joachim tilloca says:

    waiting for the italian edition…waiting…waiting…i can’t wait

  4. Sam Stephens says:

    I’m a New Zealand in the US – do I want the NZ edition or the US edition? :-)

  5. Fantagraphics books are nice too! :)

  6. Sam: BOTH, of course!

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