What was the first New Zealand graphic novel?

Terry and the Gunrunners Maui - Legends of the Outcast
David Beattie’s excellent book blog raises an interesting question. David was wondering whether the Victoria University Press edition of Hicksville was the first NZ published graphic novel, and passed on his wonderings to VUP, who passed them on to me. He ended up posting my reply in full.

Would anyone like to correct my off-the-cuff response – or add any titles to the list?

Absolute Heroes

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  1. Kelly Sheehan says:

    hey dylan, the land wars book was called Crow of Whareatua: A New Zealand War Story by Sid Marsh, it was published in 1999. its way cool, kind of like Spain doing a colonial war story. tim published the first issue of Half a World Away in 1994.

    i’m favouring terry and the gun runners at the moment.

    does it really have to be under one cover? couldn’t we count serialized stories and extend reach back to the 70s and the stories in Strips. We’ll just assume that there’s collected versions in the lighthouse library….

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