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metro-cover-oct10A one page comic by me is in the latest (October) issue of Metro magazine. It’s part of a feature in which a bunch of writers, photographers and artists document a single day in Auckland, as viewed from various locations. I chose the local mall and spent a few hours drawing people in the food court, the library, and walking around the shops. As I told the editor, I love malls, even though I hate shopping. Malls aren’t really about shopping these days anyway; it’s more like hanging out in the town square (albeit a highly commercialised, corporate-controlled one).

You can find Metro in most newsagents around New Zealand or get it online at Magshop.

6 Responses to “In Metro magazine”

  1. Scott Savage says:

    Don’t tell me you own one of those big butt teeshirts?

  2. Sam Orchard says:

    Awesome, can’t wait to see it in print. I spent a lot of my teen years hanging out at the mall, and really understand the idea that it’s a town-square type thing: but YES, it’s definitely a highly commercialised and corporately-controlled one, there were lots of security guards who’d make sure we’d ‘move along’ if we were sitting down for too long.

  3. Ha ha! That’s not me, Scott! It’s a guy I saw at the mall that day. I mean, I have nothing against big butts, but…

  4. Scott Savage says:

    Yeah I realized ;) I just couldn’t comprehend someone wearing that teeshirt, well in public anyway. But I guess, there always has to be one!

  5. Treebel says:

    would you want to go out w him (a guy wearing a T shirt like that?) – or even flirt w you??

  6. As I recall, he was sitting happily chatting with a young woman most of the time – so maybe the t-shirt is a total babe magnet? To be honest, though, I barely noticed anything beyond the shirt. A true classic!

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