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Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen: Auckland launch party!

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014


Victoria University Press and Heroes For Sale invite you to join us for the celebratory launch of the New Zealand edition of Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen.

There’ll be drinks, snacks, live entertainment – and, of course, an opportunity to purchase your very own copy of the book and to have me deface it with a drawing and a signature.

All welcome – spread the word!

Here’s the Facebook Events page (if Facebook is your thing).

Out today in France: MAGIC PEN

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014


Today is the official release date for the French edition of Magic Pen! Published by Casterman in a gorgeous hardcover edition in full colour, with a translation by the remarkable Jean-Paul Jennequin (who spotted every single obscure comics reference and even translated the barely readable bits written in medieval English). It’s hard to express how delighted I am with this edition!

So instead, I’ll just show it to you:


Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen – out soon!

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Magic Pen cover

Announcing my new book, coming soon from various publishers and in various languages. Those of you who’ve been reading the Magic Pen online will already be familiar with it; if not, go take a look. Or you can just read about it here.

I’m a little overwhelmed by the lovely comments we received from some of my cartooning heroes: Alison Bechdel, Scott McCloud and Craig Thompson (see below), and by the publishers lining up to release it in so many countries all at once (full credit for that goes to my fabulous agent Nicolas Grivel).

First release will be in France, from Casterman (October 29). And then, in rapid succession, it comes out in New Zealand (Victoria University Press), North America (Fantagraphics), the UK (Knockabout), Germany (Egmont), Spain (Astiberri), Italy (Bao), Denmark (Fahrenheit) and – actually, I’ve lost count. Nicolas seems to negotiate a new translation every few days.

Anyway, here it is. If you want more information, go here, or contact myself, Nicolas Grivel Agency or the various publishers.


Incomplete Works: the Auckland launch.

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

After a fabulous launch at the NZ Festival Writer’s Week in Wellington, it’s time to bring Incomplete Works home to Auckland! And so here it is: the Auckland Launch Party! I’ll be talking to Sarah Laing about the book and reading a couple of the stories (complete with pictures). There will also be free refreshments (*koff* booze *koff*). ALL WELCOME!


Incomplete Works: the Auckland launch
Tuesday, April 1st (April Fool’s Day)
Auckland Central Library (44-46 Lorne Street) Map
Whare Wananga Level 2

Victoria University Press and Auckland Central City Library warmly invite you to a conversation between Dylan Horrocks and Sarah Laing about Dylan’s new book Incomplete Works.

Free event, all welcome. Refreshments will be served.

Unity Books will be selling copies of Incomplete Works, pb $35. Dylan will be available to sign.

Upcoming events: Incomplete Works

Friday, March 7th, 2014

IncompleteWorks-FrontCoverWith today’s New Zealand release of Incomplete Works, I have some events coming up:

Writer’s Week

I’ll be at the New Zealand Festival Writer’s Week this weekend in Wellington, as will a bunch of amazing writers and cartoonists from New Zealand and around the world, including Alison Bechdel, who will be speaking on Sunday afternoon.

Incomplete Works book launch: Saturday 8th March, 7.30pm at the Exchange Atrium (24 Blair Street), as part of the Victoria University Press Publisher’s Party. Also launching is Gathering Evidence by Caoilinn Hughes, and plenty of VUP authors will be joining the party. It’s a free event and everyone’s welcome.

Comicsville panel discussion: Monday 10th March, 10.45am at the Hannah Playhouse (formerly Downstage Theatre), in which I’ll be chatting about New Zealand comics with Robyn Kenealy, Jonathan King and Adrian Kinnaird (whose book From Earth’s End: The Best of New Zealand Comics was launched last year and tells the story of New Zealand comics over the past 100 years). Tickets are $18.

Other things happening:

I’ll be chatting with Kim Hill on Radio New Zealand National’s Saturday Morning tomorrow (8th March) at around 9.30am (be sure to tune in for Alison Bechdel at 9am).

I’m interviewed by Charlie Gates in this Saturday’s (8th March) Your Weekend magazine (inserted into the Dominion Post, The Press and the Waikato Times). It was a fairly substantial interview, about Incomplete Works, Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen and working for DC Comics.

The NZ Listener published a 4-page excerpt from Incomplete Works (Captain Cook’s Comic Cuts) in the March 1st issue. It was nice appearing in the Listener again, 17 years since I last drew Milo’s Week for them.

We’ll be having an event for Incomplete Works on Tuesday 1st April at 6pm at Auckland Library (Lorne St). This will be kind of a late Auckland launch party, and I’ll be talking with Sarah Laing and reading a few of the comics (with pictures!).

We got io9ed.

Monday, April 8th, 2013


The Good News: The Magic Pen got a great write-up on on Saturday, causing hordes of keen readers to rush here eager to read it (or possibly just to look at dirty pictures).

The Bad News? This overloaded our servers and the site went into meltdown. Things are still a bit patchy, I’m afraid, but we’re working on getting the site back to full health. Apologies if things are a little slow in loading, or if you get error messages instead of comics. Hopefully it will all be sorted out ASAP.

New Zealand Comics and Graphic Novels

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

I recently made this catalogue of New Zealand cartoonists (and some of the comics & books they’ve made or are making). We handed out hundreds of copies of this at the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Treviso Comic Book Festival in September and October, but you can download a free pdf of it here.

Because the catalogue is necessarily an incomplete list, I also made a page of links to NZ comics creators, anthologies, events and blogs. If your website is not on this list but should be, let me know and I’ll add it forthwith!

Please note this catalogue is NOT for retail sale; it was published with the assistance of Creative NZ to promote NZ comics at Frankfurt etc. But there are some very exciting books on NZ comics due in the near future which will be for retail sale, so keep your eye on From Earth’s End and Pikitia Press, two very good NZ comics blogs, to be forewarned.

Italy! Germany!

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

I’m about to get on a plane for a whirlwind trip to Italy and Germany. Here are the details:

25-30 September: I will be in Treviso for this festival, along with 6 other New Zealand cartoonists (Roger Langridge, Ben Stenbeck, Greg Broadmore, Chris Slane, Colin Wilson, Rufus Dayglo). There’s an exhibition of New Zealand Comics, including a fair bit of work by me. I’m also running a workshop.

30 September-4 October
: I’ll be in Northern Italy, doing a couple of events for my lovely Italian publisher, Black Velvet (with the new Italian edition of Hicksville). Details to be confirmed; check with Black Velvet if you want more info.

4 October
: I’m doing a talk/signing at Strips & Stories in Hamburg, at 7.30pm (with the new German edition of Hicksville from the fabulous Reprodukt).
6 October (my birthday!): talk/signing at Ocelot in Berlin at 7.30pm.

9-15 October
: I’ll be at the Frankfurt Book Fair, along with an army of New Zealand authors (New Zealand is the highlighted country at this year’s Book Fair), including cartoonists Roger Langridge, Greg Broadmore, Colin Wilson and Ben Stenbeck.

My events will include:

10 October: panel discussion on the New Zealand School Journal (I’ll be reading a short excerpt from my short story Steam Girl and discussing the School Journal, a much-loved NZ institution): 11am.
11 October: Signing at T3 comics shop in Frankfurt: 5-7 pm.
12 October: NZ Comics talk (& signing) in the Comics Centre (Halle 3): 1 pm; followed at 4pm by an Artist Talk with Filip Kolek (of Reprodukt), at Leseinsel der Jungen Verlage in Halle 4.
13 October: Signing in the Comics Centre (Halle 3) in the morning.
14 October: NZ Comics discussion in the New Zealand Pavilion at 12 pm.

There may be other events too, but if you’re in Frankfurt for the Book Fair, hopefully you’ll find me!

There will also be a New Zealand Comics Stand in the Comics Centre, which will include a whole lot of NZ comics and graphic novels, and also this 100-page guide I put together on current NZ comics and graphic novel creators:

Alice Brown now has her own t-shirt!

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

This week’s shirt at Comic Strip Tees is our very own Alice Brown (What a Clown!), starring the talented young webcomics ingenue from The Magic Pen. Alice will feature prominently in books two and three of The Magic Pen trilogy, so establish your Alice Brown fangirl/boy credentials ahead of the crowd with this stylish piece of fully-authorised official Alice BrownTM merchandise.

The Alice Brown t-shirt comes in various sizes (guys and girls) and costs only US$20. AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY (4 weeks, to be precise).

Conversazioni sul Fumetto: an Italian interview

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

I recently did an interview with Daniela Odri Mazza for Conversazioni sul Fumetto, an impressive looking Italian blog. My answers were translated into Italian, but I really enjoyed Daniela’s thoughtful questions and we agreed it would be nice to post the interview in English too.

And so here it is.

(By the way: here’s the Italian edition of Hicksville, from Black Velvet).

Daniela: The first question I have is about a guiding theme throughout the story: the map, mapping and the description of the world. What fascinates you so much to make this theme omnipresent in the book, in the main story and several subtracks and stories? What do you think, about comics as “creators of worlds, universes?”

Dylan: I’ve always loved maps, and especially imaginary maps, like the ones you find in fantasy novels and games. When I was writing Hicksville, I was very interested in spatial vs. temporal ideas of narrative: geography vs. history. All of this fed into Hicksville, and I started thinking of stories (comics, novels, histories) as a way of mapping worlds – real and imaginary. The thing about maps is that they are always fictions, more or less. A map isn’t an actual landscape, it’s a representation of a landscape, and so it’s always a simplification, a simulation, an artificial model. It’s a way of talking about the landscape. It tells a story about place.

Comics are especially interesting as maps, because they can use pictures, diagrams, words. They can talk about a landscape (in space or time) in very complex and interesting ways. Many cartoonists have played with this (some consciously, some by accident); Chris Ware is a good example.