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Interview roundup!

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

With the new edition of Hicksville out (both the Drawn & Quarterly edition and the New Zealand edition from VUP), I’ve been doing some interviews and podcasts. Here are some of them:

(Updated 9 June: now with even more podcasts and interviews!).

inkstudsInkstuds – podcast
A great comics podcast, hosted by Robin McConnell on Vancouver’s CiTR. This was a joy to record! Plus I got to choose some music: Broken Social Scene‘s Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl, Bonnie Prince Billy covering Chris Knox‘s My Only Friend and Bachelorette‘s Instructions for Insomniacs.

TheComicSpotThe Comic Spot – podcast
A very fun interview I did with the irrepressible John Retallick, the awesome Jo Waite and the phenomenal Bernard Calleo while I was in Melbourne in April. This is a great show, which goes out live on 3CR community radio. The podcast of our episode is now available on The Comic Spot’s own podcast page.

comixclaptrapThe Comix Claptrap – podcast
The very cool Rina Ayuyang and Thien Pham indulge my lengthy ramblings about life, art and babies. Lark Pien was also lurking in the background but didn’t pipe up till after the podcast was finished. Anyway – whether I make any sense is questionable, but Rina and Thien are a hoot, and they do a mighty fine podcast!

inkpanthersInk Panthers – podcast
Mike Dawson and Alex Robinson host this hilarious podcast series, and here they interrogate me about my lifelong obsession with pen & paper roleplaying games. We also talk about watching movies on an iPod, I say rude things about Apple, and we come up with a very cool project involving alternative cartoonists and a new D&D Monster Manual (which someone really ought to make happen)… Good times!

ListenerThe NZ Listener
David Larsen did this interview and write-up, and then the Listener sent a photographer to take pictures of me and my cat. Unfortunately the online version doesn’t include the pictures, so no, you don’t get to see Moogli in all her glory. But the interview is great!

This is an interview I did over ginger beer at a bar in Melbourne, just across the road from the Wheeler Centre, where I was running a workshop all week with some very fine cartoonists. Martyn Pedler did the interview, and we ended up chatting for hours about all kinds of things. In fact, he later posted a fascinating footnote to the interview here.

Film-maker Jonathan King interviewed me for Idealog, a NZ-based magazine. We ended up talking a lot about copyright and new media, which was fine by me. The interview is nicely illustrated, too.

ComicBookResourcesComic Book Resources
CBR’s Alex Dueben emailed me a bunch of questions for this interview, and they were so interesting I really took my time replying. Then he sent some follow-up questions that were even more interesting! So the interview took a while; but I enjoyed it!

This interview by Graham Reid was published in the NZ Herald, but this archived version from his website is splendidly illustrated; he’s even included a clip from my step-mother Shirley’s wonderful documentary about NZ comics. Years ago, I turned an interview Graham did with Egberto Gismonti into a comic strip for the Herald, and we’ve also visited schools together (me talking about comics, Graham talking about journalism and travel writing), so it was nice catching up again.

Blukeko is a blog run by Auckland student Philip McKibbin, and he’s used it to interview an astonishingly diverse range of New Zealanders, from clergymen to politicians, journalists and writers. It’s worth a browse.

DomPostThe Dominion Post
This was an interview by the very clued up Tom Cardy, which was published in the Dominion Post’s weekend magazine supplement Indulgence. They were nice enough to put my self-portrait on the cover. By the way, this is the first self-portrait I think I’ve ever done in which I’m smiling – at the insistence of my kids, who were sick of seeing “glum dad” pictures everywhere. I sincerely hope this is the start of a new, permanently happy stage in my life… Also illustrating this interview is an actual photo of me in real life (with my kids), as taken by my lovely wife Terry while on holiday in New Zealand’s mindblowingly gorgeous South Island.

Newsarama got in early with their interview by Michael C. Lorah, in which I talk a little candidly about my ambivalent relationship with mainstream comics. Mind you, I suppose I do that in several of these interviews, since it’s been a theme of the questions, on account of the new edition’s uncomfortably candid introduction. So really I have no-one but myself to blame…

publishersweeklyPublisher’s Weekly
This interview was going to be conducted via Skype, but my laptop chose that very moment to go all SNAFU (as a result of having just installed Windows 7 on it). So we finished the interview by email. Laptop is all better now, thanks to the careful installation of some drivers, so I’m all ready for more action-packed full-video Skyping!

There are a few more coming, but I’ll post about those once they’re online.

There have been numerous reviews, too, but I thought I’d point out a few of particular interest (to me, anyway):

popmattersPop Matters (a really interesting review by historian and cultural commentator W. Scott Poole, whose book Satan in America is high on my reading list).

boingboingBoing Boing (because it’s one of my favourite websites and seeing Hicksville on there made my day!)

The Comics JournalThe Comics Journal
Rob Clough wrote this long and thoughtful review that made me look at aspects of Hicksville in new ways – which is always a treat when reading a review.

Hicksville launching in Wellington!

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Hicksville in Wellington!
Yes, we’re doing it all again – this time in Wellington! Victoria University Press are launching the NZ edition of Hicksville on Saturday 3rd April, at 5.30pm, at the NZ Independent Comics Festival, in the Basement Gallery, 39 Dixon St.

Come along and enjoy the festivities, and then stay on for the Black River Digital NZ Comics Awards (aka “the Erics”) at 7.30pm!

I will be in Wellington all weekend, by the way, dividing my time between the Armageddon Expo and the NZ Comics Festival. My plan is to be at Armageddon on Friday 12-5pm and on Saturday and Sunday 1-3pm, at the NZ Comics Collective table. The rest of the time, I’ll mostly be at the NZ Comics Festival at the Basement Gallery in Dixon St. At both venues, there will be copies of the new edition of Hicksville, as well as original artwork for sale (or just for perusing and spilling drinks over).

I look forward to seeing y’all there!

Make a submission on copyright in the digital environment.

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

...the Internet!
The New Zealand Ministry of Economic Development has invited submissions from the public on “enforcement in the digital environment.” This is in the context of the ongoing talks on ACTA, which is being negotiated in Wellington, NZ in April (in ridiculous secrecy, of course). So if you’re in New Zealand and you care about copyright, ACTA or the future of the internet, please send them a submission. You’ve only got a day or two (they close tomorrow, Wednesday 31 March). A quick email is sufficient: it’s worth letting them know there are people out there who care.

You can read my submission to them after the jump. I wrote it quickly, so it’s not especially good. But I couldn’t just stay silent.

There’s some good information on making a submission at the site.

And note this in your diary, too: the PublicACTA conference, being held in Wellington on 10 April, just days before the (secret) ACTA talks open in Wellington.

(Update: and, to my surprise, here’s my submission translated into Italian – thereby illustrating my point about the viral nature of the internets! LOL)


Photos from the Hicksville launch party at the High Seas

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Adrian Kinnaird’s wonderful NZ comics blog From Earth’s End has a heap of photos from last week’s launch of the NZ edition of Hicksville at The High Seas. Big thanks to Sophie, Nigel and Stefan, Fergus and Craig, and everyone who came along and helped toast the baby. Special thanks, too, to everyone who bought books and/or artwork!

We’re having another little launch party this Saturday (April 3rd), as part of the NZ Comics Festival in Wellington. I’ll post the details later today.

Doodling at the gaming table…

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Gaming notebookIn the course of finding something for a rather nifty project Lark Pien is putting together, I found myself looking through various sketchbooks and notebooks looking for doodles. So I thought I’d put some of it online, because… well, just because.

The following, then, were all drawn during two Roleplaying Games: a Bushido game run by my friend John, and a Fudge-based game set during the First Crusade, run by my friend Matthew. I do a lot of doodling during games, and I often love what comes out. These pictures have nothing whatsoever to do with what’s going on in the games – it’s really just stream-of-consciousness stuff, letting my hand draw while my mind is busy elsewhere.

I wish I could draw comics that looked like this…

What was the first New Zealand graphic novel?

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Terry and the Gunrunners Maui - Legends of the Outcast
David Beattie’s excellent book blog raises an interesting question. David was wondering whether the Victoria University Press edition of Hicksville was the first NZ published graphic novel, and passed on his wonderings to VUP, who passed them on to me. He ended up posting my reply in full.

Would anyone like to correct my off-the-cuff response – or add any titles to the list?

Absolute Heroes

Interview with me now up at Newsarama

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

…which you can read here.

New page: Magic Pen chapter 2 title page

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Click here for new page

Click here for new page

I’ve just added a title page for chapter two of The Magic Pen. So, strictly speaking, it’s not a new page of story, but I’ve been meaning to add it for a while, so…

I promise at leat one actual story page by the end of this week.

Hicksville at the High Seas!

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Hicksville at the High Seas

Yay! We’re having a launch for the NZ edition of Hicksville at The High Seas (12 Beresford Square, Auckland) on Friday 19th March (6pm). It’s also an exhibition of original art from Hicksville, which will stay open through Saturday 20th March (when Beresford Square is also hosting the fabulous Aroha Day!).

So spread the word – and come join the party!

Hicksville at the High Seas