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The NEW American Dream – now with gorgeous Karl Stevens art!

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

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Some of you might have noticed the serialisation of The American Dream went into hiatus some time ago. Well, I’m very pleased to announce that a new and improved version of the book is in the works, with artwork lusciously drawn and painted by one of my favourite artists, Karl Stevens.

I’m very excited about this collaboration; I’ve been following Karl’s work since the 1990s and absolutely love his previous books The Lodger and Guilty, and his regular strip in the Boston Phoenix (currently known as ‘Failure’).

For a small taste of the work-in-progress, and for more on Karl’s comics and art, follow the link above.

Steam Girl

Friday, March 16th, 2012

(unpublished sketch)

It’s high time I mentioned this: ‘Steam Girl’ is my first published prose story (i.e. without pictures), which came out late last year in Steampunk! An Anthology of Fantastically Rich and Strange Stories, edited by the wonderful Kelly Link and Gavin J. Grant, and published by Candlewick Press in the US and Walker Books in the UK. I’ve written prose fiction all my life (in between the comics), but never felt brave enough to publish any until now.

Steampunk! also includes prose stories by M. T. Anderson, Holly Black, Libba Bray, Cassandra Clare, Cory Doctorow, Elizabeth Knox, Garth Nix, Christopher Rowe, Delia Sherman, Ysabeau S. Wilce and Kelly Link herself and comics by Shawn Cheng and Kathleen Jennings. It’s a fantastic anthology and I’m thrilled to be included.

The cherry on the cake is that ‘Steam Girl’ has just been reprinted in The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year, volume 6, edited by Jonathan Strahan (published by Night Shade Books), which is very humbling. Guess I’d better finish that damn novel now, eh?

Ways to buy it and a couple of reviews after the jump:


Friday, March 16th, 2012

Here are some of the sketches people ordered last month (note: I’m still learning about scanning watercolours, so the colour on these isn’t entirely accurate). I’m steadily making my way through the queue, so if you’re still waiting for yours, you’ll hopefully get it soon!

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New page: The Magic Pen

Monday, March 5th, 2012

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