How to make me happy.

Just to be clear: you should feel absolutely no obligation on this score. Few things make me happier than sharing my comics with the entire world via the interweb. Merely by visiting my site and reading my comics, you have already performed an act of incalculable generosity and filled my heart with joy. Nothing more is required, honestly!

However, should you find yourself (for whatever strange reason) possessed by an irresistible urge to do more, I have provided this handy list of ways to make me even happier.

It’s easy, really, and there are lots of ways. Let us count them…

1. Leave a comment. I love comments. Comments provide the illusion of amiable companionship, which is very important when you spend all day working at home with only a dog and a cat to talk to. Comments also give the rewarding impression that someone’s actually reading this stuff.

2. Send me an email. This is almost as good as a comment, and is even more appropriate when your message involves private or business matters. Just click where it says “contact” at the top of the page, and your email programme should do the rest.

3. Send me a letter. It’s old-fashioned, but charming, and people have been doing it for hundreds of years. Not to mention it’s also the best way to send stuff. I mean, everyone likes stuff, right? I confess I’m no exception. For example, you may be a cartoonist or author, and would like to send me one of your books or zines to read. You might be a keen craftsperson or maker of excellent hats, cushions or soft toys. Or perhaps you have a spare Bonnie Prince Billy CD lying around that you’re no longer using. After all, recycling is so much better than just throwing it away! My postal address is as follows, should you feel so compelled:

Postal address:
PO Box 7754
Wellington 6242
New Zealand

4. Visit my Amazon Wishlist. This is another way to send me stuff – and has the added advantage of ensuring it’s stuff I really want. Of course, the drawback is that it costs you money, so use this option advisedly…

5. Buy my books. This is, of course, a win-win scenario, and not only makes me happy, but also improves the lives of all the publishers, printers and retailers involved. You’ll find a list of stuff you can buy here.

6. Make the world a better place. On this one, I can’t offer any concrete advice, beyond the obvious: be kind and gentle to yourself and others, cherish those you love and tolerate the rest; do what you can to stop global warming, reduce poverty and right wrongs. Enjoy music and art. Look after animals. Make love, not war.

Needless to say, all this makes me very happy indeed…