To The I Land – page 1 of 11
January 1st, 2010

To The I Land – page 1 of 11

This is a story first published in Look This Way: New Zealand Writers on New Zealand Artists, edited by Sally Blundell (published by Auckland University Press). Mine was the only piece in comics form, but it seemed appropriate, as the artist I chose to write about was one of my all-time favourite cartoonists, Barry Linton.

Note that much of the artwork shown in this comic was drawn by Barry Linton, and the copyright belongs to him. My thanks to Barry for letting me include it in this appreciation, and I hope his work will soon be published in all its glory for the world to see.


  1. Sara Rosenbaum

    jkladkl;a;fkad oh my god. Dylan, please make sure his stuff gets published someday.

  2. Julie Ryan

    Dear Dylan and Barry,
    Hope to see your yachting comic. Intrigued by your treatment of largescale subjects like sea and Mayan temple in comic form.
    Very much enjoyed your visit to NZSA and getting a taste of the range and volume of NZ and other comics. Do you know Brett Clark?
    Charmed by your attitude to social media and your enthusiasm for other writers. Delighted you are breeding.

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