The Last Fox Story – page 52
February 21st, 2009

The Last Fox Story – page 52

Another lovely picture by Terry: me again. I also used this as the author picture in Hicksville…


  1. richard fox

    hi again mr hicksville

    i just finished the last fox story, and will relate that it was
    an enjoyable trip, traveling over the pages. I too was in
    Paris and London, living in poverty and obscurity and
    trying to draw, a long time ago. You became a
    cartoonist, and I didn’t, so maybe you are my alter ego!

  2. chloebk

    Hey Dylan,
    what a surprise to get to the end of your lovely story & find my name in the dedication! Thanks for thinking of me – I’m honoured to be listed with Eddie, Glen & Ed (& I ‘d better check out Paul!) and I’m so glad to be able to enjoy your work again all these years later.
    After reading The Last Fox Story, and earlier today reading The Magic Pen, I’m determined to just draw with the direction/purpose unknown. So … best get on then …
    Chloe x x

  3. Dylan Horrocks

    Chloe – your comics were always one of the things I treasured about Fox.

    Paul edited Escape Comics, and was very kind to me when I first arrived in England. These days he’s one of the foremost commentators on comics in the UK, and his books on comics are always worth a read. More of him here:

    And… YES! DRAW! PLEASE! Even if you never show them to us, I’ll feel the world is a better place if Chloe Brookes-Kenworthy is drawing again!

  4. Simon Fletcher

    Great comic, Dylan, thanks for putting it up here, it was an inspiring read. Especially for those of us who are aspiring to do something with comics in the future.

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