Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen: Auckland launch party!


Victoria University Press and Heroes For Sale invite you to join us for the celebratory launch of the New Zealand edition of Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen.

There’ll be drinks, snacks, live entertainment – and, of course, an opportunity to purchase your very own copy of the book and to have me deface it with a drawing and a signature.

All welcome – spread the word!

Here’s the Facebook Events page (if Facebook is your thing).

2 Responses to “Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen: Auckland launch party!”

  1. Taimoor Aziz says:

    Dear Mr. Horrocks,

    I hope you are well. My name is Taimoor Aziz and I just finished reading your graphic novel “Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen.” I am 28 years old now and have spent most of my life reading all manner of fictional things. Very rarely have I been so moved as I was at reading your book. The way you addressed the ambiguities inherent in fantasy and morality is something that has troubled me since puberty, though I was never able to articulate it in such a way.

    Having read your book, I feel a sense of catharsis. I’m writing you today because I feel a tremendous amount of gratitude towards you. It is true that Alan Moore and Grant Morrison have written a number of influential and seminal works. But I can honestly say that nothing they have written has meant as much to me as this book.

    Thank you,


  2. Thank you Taimoor, for your very kind words. Much appreciated!

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