‘The Journey’ – a new comic by me for Waitakere City

The JourneyHere’s one of the reasons I’ve been busy lately – a 16-page comic by me, commissioned by Waitakere City Council. ‘The Journey‘ gives a little history of the city, including how it became New Zealand’s first eco city. Waitakere have made the comic available for download from here.

I spent much of my childhood in Waitakere and have been impressed by its evolution into a genuinely environmentally-concerned eco city. It’s a damn shame that the government seems hell-bent on making Waitakere disappear into its planned ‘super city‘ – and I can only hope all the hard work on eco-friendly development doesn’t disappear along with the city’s name and identity.

Update: I’ve just noticed the pdf is in printing order, rather than reading order. It’s possible we’ll get that fixed; in the meantime, you’ll just have to look for the page numbers… :-)
Update 2: Actually, it’s only the larger pdf (of the whole comic) that’s in printing order. If you download it in sections (using the smaller files), those are in the correct reading order.

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