I’ll be at Doujin Overload this Saturday!

Doujin Overload is Auckland’s annual doujinshi festival – a celebration of manga and anime and a chance for local artists to show off (and sell) their work. It’s been going for 5 years, but every time I’ve tried to go, something would come up and scuttle my plans. This year, however, I will definitely be there, as an invited exhibitor!

There’s a huge list of artists and exhibitors, displays of Dolfies and figures, an art competition, a Cosplay Cafe and plenty of stuff to buy. I’ll have copies of Hicksville there, along with original art and anything else I can throw together before Saturday.

The organisers (among them The Graphic Novel Cafe) are keen to encourage links between the local doujinshi scene and the wider New Zealand comics community, so if you’re unfamiliar with NZ manga come along and discover this thriving and energetic scene.

Doujin Overload
10am to 5pm, Saturday 24 July 2010
at the Hyatt Hotel (Regatta Rooms) (click for map)
Entry is only $2.00

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