Book launch: Mike Johnson’s ‘Travesty’ (with art by Darren Sheehan)

Come along this Thursday and help celebrate the launch of Mike Johnson’s new novel Travesty, illustrated by the mighty Darren Sheehan (co-creator of The Inhabitants comics). I’ll be there, toasting the good ship Travesty as it sets out on its journey…

In a neglected corner of Travesty, in an apartment building called the rathouse, five marginals take on the universe. Drunk Len takes a gamble on salvation, but can he find the ticket? Nisa Michelangelo reconstructs his David with a vital difference, but can art defeat time? Dr Reingold, the keeper of the files, finds himself doing the bidding of his hidden masters, but will he betray his patient? Dilly Lilly goes exploring through her tunnels of soft toys in search of her mother’s funeral, but what will she do with the mutant baby rat? And Glow Harvey steps into the world of probabilities on an odyssey of discovery, helped by his mysterious girlfriend Hermes, but will he remember enough to avert the destruction of Travesty by The Lion King and his terrorist allies? It all comes together on the Day of Delight.

Welcome to Travesty, where the stringent laws of purgatory rule and every nerve is put to the test.

Travesty book launch
6pm, Thursday 5th August

AUT Creative Writing Centre
4th floor, Duthie Whyte Building
Corner of Wakefield Street and Mayoral Drive

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