Alice Brown in Dud Comics

I’ve drawn a 1-page strip starring The Magic Pen‘s Alice Brown, for a Dunedin-based anthology called Dud Comics. You can find out about Dud and see some of the contributions on the Dunedin Comic Collective Blog.

Other contributors to Dud include Tony Renouf, Tim Cornelius, Chris Knox, Fane Flaws and more!

2 Responses to “Alice Brown in Dud Comics”

  1. Isaac says:

    I love that. I just totally love it.

    If only the last caption could just say “cartoonist” without borrowing glamor from the Web. But of course we know that it’s the “web” part that makes it sexy.

  2. Feel free to photoshop the “Web” out, Isaac. Remixes are welcome. :-)

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