The American Dream – page 16
January 15th, 2010

The American Dream – page 16

I wrote this page about a hundred times, and I’m still not convinced I’ve got it right. So there’s a chance I’ll change it one more time when the whole thing is finished (ditto with other pages, of course)…


  1. Isaac

    I’m really glad to see this continuing! I’m liking it a lot so far.

  2. Jon Chamberlain

    Dylan, this is great! Draw faster, gosh darn it! Tee hee, only kidding! Seriuosly, I love the offwhite reflection in the guys glasses – plus the jam-jar distortion in the lenses!

  3. Steve Wallace

    I really like this alot.. actually I’ve found I pretty much like everything you’ve done! So, good show there and all :D.

  4. Robyn E. Kenealy

    Frak! Argh! I totally wasted my breath with that Springsteen article, didn’t I? **thinks to self**Damn you, Benedict Anderson! Why aren’t you Foucault!**

    PS: See you Friday <3

  5. Mel

    We discussed this page at the Wheeler centre – so I wont put it all down here again, but I agree that you just need to keep plodding on now! JFDI!!!

  6. MichaelM

    I keep coming back here, even though this version of the story is long redundant. I guess it’s because it reminds me of two quotes about stories that I’ve used in my own (not comics) work.
    One from the modernist British writer B.S. Johnson;
    ‘Telling stories is telling lies’

    and one from the historian Sorya de Chadarevian;

    ‘If stories are the form in which people account for past events, we cannot escape their structure’

    What I think I was trying to get at from this juxtaposition is the sense that, while Johnson raged againt writers who were ‘mere story-tellers’ ,insisting that life was too chaotic and fundamentally disordered to be made into stories, De Chadarevian’s (in my imagination) somewhat exapserated admission is that try as we might to get at ‘the truth’ telling stories is fundamentally human. All we can do is tell stories. Even the most rigorous scientist, the deepest philosopher, the most empathetic comic artist… storytellers all. Stories are how we make meaning and we might as well learn to live with that structure. Stories, stories about stories… its stories all the way down.

    Not to say you can’t escape from a story, but only, inevitably to end up in a different story.

    Now as for authorship… ah but i digress

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