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Italy! Germany!

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

I’m about to get on a plane for a whirlwind trip to Italy and Germany. Here are the details:

25-30 September: I will be in Treviso for this festival, along with 6 other New Zealand cartoonists (Roger Langridge, Ben Stenbeck, Greg Broadmore, Chris Slane, Colin Wilson, Rufus Dayglo). There’s an exhibition of New Zealand Comics, including a fair bit of work by me. I’m also running a workshop.

30 September-4 October
: I’ll be in Northern Italy, doing a couple of events for my lovely Italian publisher, Black Velvet (with the new Italian edition of Hicksville). Details to be confirmed; check with Black Velvet if you want more info.

4 October
: I’m doing a talk/signing at Strips & Stories in Hamburg, at 7.30pm (with the new German edition of Hicksville from the fabulous Reprodukt).
6 October (my birthday!): talk/signing at Ocelot in Berlin at 7.30pm.

9-15 October
: I’ll be at the Frankfurt Book Fair, along with an army of New Zealand authors (New Zealand is the highlighted country at this year’s Book Fair), including cartoonists Roger Langridge, Greg Broadmore, Colin Wilson and Ben Stenbeck.

My events will include:

10 October: panel discussion on the New Zealand School Journal (I’ll be reading a short excerpt from my short story Steam Girl and discussing the School Journal, a much-loved NZ institution): 11am.
11 October: Signing at T3 comics shop in Frankfurt: 5-7 pm.
12 October: NZ Comics talk (& signing) in the Comics Centre (Halle 3): 1 pm; followed at 4pm by an Artist Talk with Filip Kolek (of Reprodukt), at Leseinsel der Jungen Verlage in Halle 4.
13 October: Signing in the Comics Centre (Halle 3) in the morning.
14 October: NZ Comics discussion in the New Zealand Pavilion at 12 pm.

There may be other events too, but if you’re in Frankfurt for the Book Fair, hopefully you’ll find me!

There will also be a New Zealand Comics Stand in the Comics Centre, which will include a whole lot of NZ comics and graphic novels, and also this 100-page guide I put together on current NZ comics and graphic novel creators:

Shaolin Burning!

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Apologies for the lack of new Magic Pen pages this past week. Page 56 is turning into one of those pages that takes a week to draw, which has thrown things off schedule. It is, however, getting there…

While you’re waiting, please check out this very important event: the launch of New Zealand cartoonist Ant Sang’s brand new graphic novel, Shaolin Burning.

Ant Sang is one hell of a cartoonist, and a fabulous guy. His serialised story, Dharma Punks, was one of the most impressive New Zealand comics I’ve ever seen, and his inspired work as lead designer on the TV show Brotown has made his style familiar to everyone in the country. Shaolin Burning deserves to sell like crazy – and I can’t wait to read it!

The book is published by Harper Collins, and has already been spotted in some bookstores. The official launch party is tomorrow night (Thursday, 3 February), in Auckland. There’ll be original artwork on show, limited edition prints, copies of the book to buy, and Ant himself to stalk and admire.

Wild horses couldn’t keep me away, and if you’re anywhere near Auckland, I hope I’ll see you there!

P.S. If you can’t make it to the launch, don’t despair. The exhibition will be up till the 18th of February. Details can be found on Adrian Kinnaird’s excellent NZ comics blog, From Earth’s End. And, of course, you can still rush to your local book store for your very own copy of Shaolin Burning!

Pohutukawa Coast Art Exhibition

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Just a quick note for those of you in Auckland this weekend. Our local school, Maraetai Beach School, is holding an art exhibition to raise funds, and there are three pages by me in there (two from Hicksville and a School Journal illustration). So if you feel like a drive out to the beach with a peek at some local art along the way, come along!

The Pohutukawa Coast Art Exhibition
Maraetai Beach School hall
Opening: Friday 15 October, 7.30pm: $10
(includes an auction of drawings by NZ celebrities)
Hours: Saturday 16 – Sunday 17 October, 9am – 4pm: $5 entry (children free)

If you’re in Melbourne…

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

Michael Camilleri invite
…go to this show. Seriously: you won’t regret it. Michael Camilleri‘s comics are amazing.

Photos from the Hicksville launch party at the High Seas

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Adrian Kinnaird’s wonderful NZ comics blog From Earth’s End has a heap of photos from last week’s launch of the NZ edition of Hicksville at The High Seas. Big thanks to Sophie, Nigel and Stefan, Fergus and Craig, and everyone who came along and helped toast the baby. Special thanks, too, to everyone who bought books and/or artwork!

We’re having another little launch party this Saturday (April 3rd), as part of the NZ Comics Festival in Wellington. I’ll post the details later today.

Hicksville at the High Seas!

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Hicksville at the High Seas

Yay! We’re having a launch for the NZ edition of Hicksville at The High Seas (12 Beresford Square, Auckland) on Friday 19th March (6pm). It’s also an exhibition of original art from Hicksville, which will stay open through Saturday 20th March (when Beresford Square is also hosting the fabulous Aroha Day!).

So spread the word – and come join the party!

Hicksville at the High Seas

Exhibition: ‘Taste’ at Auckland Art Gallery

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Hicksville page 16
A page from Hicksville (the ‘Bushells Dairy’ page) is in this show at the Auckland Art Gallery until 14 February 2010. The exhibition brings together a bunch of art about food, from some lovely Robin White weavings to work by Andy Warhol, Breughel and Ed Ruscha. There’s even a huge crocheted octopus and a wall of chocolate fish – which you’re supposed to eat!

The ‘Bushells’ dairy I based my drawing on is a famous landmark of Auckland, photographed by Robin Morrison and painted by other local artists (my memory tells me Dick Frizzell, but I can’t now find any reference to such a work. Can anyone confirm that?). The Freemans Bay dairy (on the corner of Wellington St and Hepburn St) has been owned by the Rupa family since 1953 and was turned into a delicatessen and cafe in 2001. The old flaking Bushells sign was moved inside, and replaced with a rather garish new “replica” – which caused considerable consternation at the time, as I recall. People had grown to really love that old sign…

Exhibition in Auckland

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Comic Art at Bath Street GalleryThe Bath Street Gallery in Parnell, Auckland, is holding an exhibition of comics art from 8-25 April. I’ve got a few pages in there, as have Tim Bollinger, Darren and Kelly Sheehan and the great Barry Linton. There is also work by comics-influenced artists Mark Braunias, Dick Frizzell, Robert McLeod and Denys Watkins.

I’ll be at the opening on Wednesday 8 April, 5.30-7.30pm, so come along and say hello.