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I will draw you a picture – SOLD OUT (for now!)

Friday, February 10th, 2012

UPDATE: Wow! So many of you wanted drawings I got enough orders in a few hours to keep me busy for some time! So I’ve had to suspend the offer while I draw my way through the pile of orders. Apologies if you missed out, but I may do a similar offer some time in the future, if time allows. Many thanks to everyone who requested a drawing. This is fun!

Also, I’m still available, as always, for more substantial (and – er – expensive) commissions. Feel free to email me to ask about that. Otherwise, follow me on Twitter or Facebook to be notified of future offers like this.

I’m in the mood for drawing! Plus I recently got some new watercolours and I’m keen to try them out. Plus, y’know, bills to pay etc etc.

So here’s the deal:

Tell me what to draw and I’ll draw it: one of my characters, someone else’s character, something sweet, silly or even downright rude (you’ve seen The Magic Pen, right?). If it’s too complicated or tricky, I’ll let you know – but actually, I feel like flexing those sketchin’ muscles, so bring it on! And of course, if you can’t think of anything, I’ll just draw whatever I feel like.

I’ll then send you the original drawing, for you to hang on the wall or file in a drawer or give to a loved one or use as a bookmark or whatever else you want to do with it.*

The prices – did I mention they’re ridiculously low? – are only $50 for a colour drawing or $30 for black & white (+ $8 postage and packaging). All drawings will be on A5 paper (148.5mm x 210mm or 5.8 x 8.3 inches).

Now, those are not my usual prices. Hell, no! This is, you see, a one-off special Dylan’s In the Mood deal that will only last until I get too busy with real work or my hands are too sore to pick up a brush. So strike now while the pencil is sharp and TELL ME WHAT TO DRAW!

$50 (+p&p)

I would like a drawing of…

Black & white:
$30 (+p&p)

I would like a drawing of…

All prices are in US Dollars.
Postage & packing (to anywhere) is $8.
These are sketches, not fully-fledged commissions. If you want something more substantial, just drop me a line and let’s talk.
Copyright in the drawings is retained by me, under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License (i.e. you’re welcome to share, copy and remix them, so long as it’s non-commercial and you give credit).

Limited edition print: ‘Ylena’

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

I’ve decided to start doing occasional limited edition prints, and this is the first one: ‘Ylena,’ which is based on the cover of Atlas #2.

It’s a high quality giclée print on 320gsm German etching paper, 297mm x 420mm (A3) (i.e. 11.7 x 16.5 inches). Each print is signed and numbered by me, and the edition is limited to 50.

The price is US$95 (shipping included).

You can order one using this handy Paypal button (if you have any problems, click the “contact” link in the masthead and send me an email):

Giclée print, signed & numbered by the artist
Edition limited to 50
US $95

Now you can wear Hicksville Comics on your chest.

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Yes, I finally got around to making a Hicksville Comics t-shirt, which you can buy from RedBubble. Drape your delicate frame with an assortment of characters from Hicksville, The Magic Pen and Atlas. Or perhaps the delectable frame of a loved one or family member. Or hang it in the closet and forget you ever bought it. Use it to dry dishes. Put it on the dog. Really, it’s entirely up to you.

Also available on kids’ clothing.

Pohutukawa Coast Art Exhibition

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Just a quick note for those of you in Auckland this weekend. Our local school, Maraetai Beach School, is holding an art exhibition to raise funds, and there are three pages by me in there (two from Hicksville and a School Journal illustration). So if you feel like a drive out to the beach with a peek at some local art along the way, come along!

The Pohutukawa Coast Art Exhibition
Maraetai Beach School hall
Opening: Friday 15 October, 7.30pm: $10
(includes an auction of drawings by NZ celebrities)
Hours: Saturday 16 – Sunday 17 October, 9am – 4pm: $5 entry (children free)

Now you too can buy ‘All Hail Ellie, Destroyer of Worlds!’

Saturday, September 11th, 2010


As I mentioned earlier, Emily Perkins and I have done a mini-comic together! It was done as a jam comic – I’d draw a panel and send it to Emily, then she’d draw a panel in response and send it back, and so on. After a month, we had made a 32-page mini-comic (with one big panel per page) – half of it written and drawn by Emily and half by me. It’s a conversation between us, in words and pictures, about writing, stories, art, reality and – er – monsters.

We presented it at The Orcon Great Blend 2010 in Auckland on September 10th (a wonderful event put together by Public Address, Orcon and The Edge), reading it live while the pictures were projected behind us, which was almost as much fun as making the thing in the first place. About a hundred copies sold on the night (thanks everyone!!), but I still have copies left if you want to buy one. (Sorry – SOLD OUT)

All Hail Ellie, Destroyer of Worlds!
by Emily Perkins and Dylan Horrocks
a 32 page black & white mini-comic (A5 size: 14.85 x 21 cm)
Price (including postage):
within New Zealand: NZD $7
to anywhere else: USD $6