The Magic Pen – page 11
March 31st, 2009

The Magic Pen – page 11


  1. Don

    Love this panel! I just noticed my name in relief in Sam’s shadow. Should I be worried?

  2. Buro Angla

    Beautiful! I wish it were in B&W; and the clouds and the blue sea a little more distant from Sam in his loneliness.

  3. zack soto

    I hesitate to say it for fear of putting on the pressure, but: more please!

  4. Dylan

    Wup – sorry. I’ve got loads more of this story drawn (because it already appeared in ‘Atlas,’ but I hadn’t got round to colouring them yet. I was concentrating on ‘The American Dream’ and on getting the new edition of Hicksville ready. But I promise to get you some more Magic Pen soon… 🙂

  5. Dick Whyte

    Loving this – so sad. Reminds me of feelings I have often. Not that I am constantly in a state like this, but it rings true. Great work.

  6. Kerry Dennehy

    Arcadia — home — the place where words and pictures just pour out — this reminded me, a big Lynda Barry fan, of something I ran into I vimeo yesterday:

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