The Magic Pen – page 114
February 18th, 2014

The Magic Pen – page 114

Comics Compulsion (the awning sign always had a conspicuous typo) has been Christchurch’s friendly local comic store for over twenty years. Until the February 2011 earthquake, they were located on Manchester Street, but the quake forced them to move. Their new location is in Papanui (now with correctly spelled signage!). They are, of course, a national treasure.


  1. Isaac

    A Captain Tomorrow t-shirt? What a nerd.

  2. Hamish

    Props to funtime comics – nicely done!

  3. noel jc

    There is a mistake with the frensh tranlation of the book.
    The name of the comic store is correct !

  4. Dylan

    Yes, some editions on paper have the store name corrected, because I didn’t want to add yet more confusion. Although I’ve probably done the opposite… 😉

  5. noel jc

    Thank you for your answer and congratulations. I love your book!

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