The Magic Pen – page 128
April 18th, 2014

The Magic Pen – page 128


Te Rauparaha’s Ghost: Te Rauparaha (1760s – 1849) was a rangatira and war chief of the Ngāti Toa tribe, who rose to prominence during the Musket Wars of the early-mid 19th century. Around 1820, Te Rauparaha composed the famous “Ka mate” haka (today performed by many New Zealand sports teams including the All Blacks), after a narrow escape from pursuing enemies.

The Otago Gold Rush: The discovery of significant gold deposits in New Zealand’s South Island in the early 1860s led to a massive influx of fortune-hunters and the rapid growth of semi-lawless prospector towns. The Otago Gold Rush only lasted a few years, before most of the prospectors moved on to fresh finds, although gold continues to be commercially mined in the South Island to this day.

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