The Magic Pen – page 13
July 30th, 2009

The Magic Pen – page 13


  1. Mallinz

    Wow.This,erm,brings the creator as protagonist to an extreme…..erm……[more awkward sounds]….

  2. Chamber Magic

    jajaa very funny cartoon!

  3. simon s

    my fecebook msg failed. it went something like- i’m sorry, i remember how well you blush. ithink i can even hear the echo of mum laughing in the background like the gypsy witch from the shallow mind of enid bligh. (captian bligh’s respectable daughter) Anyhow, don’t be shy and i won’t be sycophantic. i am your no.1 fan, wr’ee jus stalkin’ here right?

  4. Ryan Buck

    Would you, if you haven’t already, describe the process you use to transfer your hand drawn images from paper to digital medium? I’m keenly interested on improving this in my own work and your images are so crisp and unblemished that I would like to attain a similar quality of representation. As long as that wont intrude on any trade secrets and such?

  5. Dylan

    Ryan: I scan the original (A3-sized) artwork at 1200dpi (lineart/bitmap). Then in Photoshop I reduce it down to the size it will eventually be printed (A5), and colour it. Then I reduce it again, to a 72dpi (800 pixel-wide) JPEG for uploading to the site.

    I have been known to scan at 600dpi greyscale instead (and then clean it up by adjusting the levels in Photoshop). But usually I go with lineart to avoid having to make those adjustments.

    Of course, I’m scanning at such a high resolution because eventually it’ll be printed in book form, which requires much better quality than the interwebs…

  6. Dylan

    Hi Simon! 🙂

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