The Magic Pen – page 15
January 13th, 2010

The Magic Pen – page 15


  1. Isaac H

    Great to see you posting new pages on here again. This story’s looking wonderful in colour. Looking forward to more!

  2. Tony S

    Great page Dylan – I’m really enjoying this story. Good luck with the new edition of Hicksville!

  3. L Dawson

    Alerted to Hicksville by story in today’s NZ Herald, I’m having a lovely Saturday browse of your site. I love this stuff. You have such excellent skills and a very good mind. Hope your book sells with sweet ease.

  4. Mel

    WOW! This last panel is incredible! It’s really powerfully evocative!

  5. Jon Chamberlain

    Mr. Horrocks, as a fellow sufferer, I appreciate the candor, humour and the truth in this strip, quite aside from the art which I think is some of your best. But…you can’t just leave it hanging there y’know…

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