The Magic Pen – page 17
June 9th, 2010

The Magic Pen – page 17


  1. Walter Biggins

    Dylan, it’s wonderful to see this story back in motion. Any chance we’ll see more of the main ATLAS story? I confess to being completely mesmerized by Emil Kopen and his/your theories of comics as maps…

  2. Dylan

    Yes, but it will be a while. I’m reworking the story first…

  3. Antony Spalding

    Hey Dude,

    Just love your use of black! Through all these pages.

  4. Isaac H

    Your speech bubbles are wonderful. So spacious.

  5. Jon Chamberlain

    Nice. The digital clock and the open door are very atmospheric. So Dylan, do you actually have a fetish for soft furnishings or is it just a zen thing with the shading?

  6. Dylan

    That’s between me and the furnishings.

    But yes to the zen thing. It’s very meditative…

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