The Magic Pen page 5
March 5th, 2009

The Magic Pen page 5

Time for a puzzle: can anyone identify the small blue object on the floor in panel 1?

Here’s a closeup: detail


  1. Adrian Kinnaird

    A beaten up shuttlecock?

  2. Dylan


  3. Jonathan

    Looks like a broken lightbulb to me.

  4. chuck mcbuck

    a pacifier?

  5. Dylan

    All wrong, so far. Hint: it’s to do with a rather geeky hobby.

  6. Adrian Kinnaird

    Oh, I think I got it!
    Looking at it upside down, it’s a monster roll-playing piece?

  7. Chris

    Its a dehumidifier – used for removing humidity from really poorly insulated East Coast Bays houses…. Oh you mean the even smaller blue thing 🙂

  8. Chris

    Aww shucks – its a heater not a dehumidifier… I got confused by the wrong season….

  9. Dylan

    Adrian is on the right track. Yes, it is a miniature for RPGs. Now for bonus points, can anyone identify the exact monster?

  10. Adrian Kinnaird

    Damn, that’s as far as my geek cred goes!
    It looks to me either like Scully from Monsters Inc. or a screaming tree:)

  11. Dylan

    I’ve added a closeup to the post above. Hint #2: it’s a Dungeons & Dragons Miniature (my kids were obsessed with them at the time).

  12. Dylan

    OK – no-one’s gonna get this. It’s a Medium Water Elemental. As seen here.

    Adrian wins, for knowing just how geeky I can be. Your prize: I’ll buy you a coffee next time I see you (Armageddon, maybe?).

  13. Adrian Kinnaird

    Although with the way the industry is going we may all just be sitting around empty handed at the convention telling people to go look up our websites…so there should be plenty of time for coffee;)

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