The Magic Pen – page 7
March 16th, 2009

The Magic Pen – page 7

Just in case it wasn’t clear in my previous post: I don’t actually agree with the Art Renewal Center‘s reactionary views on modern art at all. I just find them enormously entertaining…

And I adore their website!



    Oh my goodness they are SO reactionary aren’t they!? And so pompous! The way they’ve blown up about the whole Hockney/optics thing would be funny if they weren’t so ill-informed…I believe the Americans would call them a ” bunch of “blowhards…”

  2. Dick Whyte

    Thanks for clearing that up Dylan – I was wondering. Those essays are entertaining – but in all fairness they read a lot like modernist essays from the same period which make just as many ridiculous statements about representational art. So many ludicrous justifications for taste!! Anyway – thanks for the link, an enjoyable read for sure.

    Oh – and I am enjoying The Magic Pen. Lovely work so far.

    All the best-

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