Three Tijuana Bibles – The First Time (1)
May 1st, 2009

Three Tijuana Bibles – The First Time (1)

I drew these three stories in July 2000 for Dirty Stories volume 2, edited by Eric Reynolds and published by Fantagraphics. My intention was to make a series of Tijuana Bibles, a format I love (small 8-page landscape booklets with one panel per page), but with much more intense and personal content. I have to resist the urge to redraw them now, as they date from a period when I was trying to reinvent my drawing style, and are full of clumsiness and uncertainty. But what the hell – I’ll let them be.

One last warning: the following stories contain EXPLICIT drawings of GRAPHIC SEX. If for whatever reason you shouldn’t be looking at such things, don’t! And they’re definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!

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  1. hogsnapper4

    shades of yesteryear when Popeye and Bumbstead were household names.

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