Three Tijuana Bibles – One Night (8) (last page)
May 24th, 2009

Three Tijuana Bibles – One Night (8) (last page)


  1. Bernard Caleo

    Aww Dylan, sex between ex-workmates, amongst the open pages of books, right there on the dance floor, and that day after, walking the streets, combing them for treasures.

    And everything is.



  2. Winston Rowntree

    That was well done. You actually made sex seem… well, sexy. Kudos!

  3. MeiLin Miranda

    That’s one of the best depictions of the early days of a relationship I’ve ever seen. Thank you. *reminiscing*

  4. scamps

    I’ve never seen anything like this – it’s both erotic and tender. My heart was racing reading it. Stellar job!

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