Cornucopia – page 8 (last page)
June 8th, 2009

Cornucopia – page 8 (last page)


  1. Sean

    I love it! great linework on all the faces in the comic, and I love her dress in the first image.

  2. Jason Winter

    Your work keeps going from strength to strength Dylan. I can pick up two of your major influences in your work; Chester Brown ( the shading in particular), and Herge ( that beautiful coloring!). and you seemed to have absorbed them into your style, and your supple linework brings it all together. Wonderful stuff.

  3. Dylan


    Jason: yes to Brown and Herge. Yes yes yes!

  4. Katie

    Beautiful story and lovely, lovely visuals!

  5. Joe Linton

    This Cornucopia short is a wonderful story. (As for me, I recently re-read Hicksville, which I bought in 2013 after reading that Craig Thompson recommended it. I re-read Hicksville, then started looking up references I didn’t get, like “dull care” and I like it better and better. It’s fun to encounter someone so versed in comics lore. So, with my family off travelling today, I cruised through your websites. Thank you for your work!)

  6. Dylan

    Thank you Joe!

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