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2 Responses to “New page: The Magic Pen”

  1. Tof says:

    Holy double metafiction, Sam Zabel!

    I kind-of forgot that this Evan Rice is just a different part of the same book. Interesting that the Rice in the comic knows all about the Magic Pen…

  2. Yngvar Følling says:

    Well, I thought about the same thing myself. All three things, in fact. The time paradox of Evan not getting around to draw the sequel, the question of whether he was “real” when Sam and Miki just entered another comic to get to him. The *same* comic, in fact, though a part where Even tried to depict reality rather than the fantasy. And then the question of who Miki is. Her whole ensemble seems to be from a manga or something, but she acts like she’s real. Though Evan apparently *thinks* he’s real, and has the memory of things that happened to the real Evan that he never mentioned in the book.

    Well, as “real” as anyone can be considering that we’re still reading a comic. :) There’s a frightful nest of comics within comics here. And I thought Inception was complicated.

    Some potent magic in the pen, considering that it apparently works through printed copies, and not just the original drawings that the pen actually had any contact with. Ceci n’est pas une pipe.

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