Hicksville new edition: cover

Hicksville new cover
Here’s the cover for the new edition of Hicksville, which is due in 2010 from Drawn & Quarterly.

The new edition has been redesigned (I’ve rescanned the artwork, given the pages a wider margin, and am redoing the ‘look’ of the whole package) and will also include a 12-page introduction (in comics form) by me.

Of course, I’ll keep you all informed as it gets closer to the publication date.

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  1. Beautiful cover Dylan! I’m thrilled to hear that Hicksville will be back in print.

  2. Austin Kleon says:

    Wow. Misspelled my own name. Stupid iPhone.

  3. Kerry says:

    I so want a copy of this edition! Keep in touch, mate.
    Slow corner this month, which is why it’s taken me a while to find this post.
    This artwork is so beautiful … Terry is lucky to be immortalised in such form!

    I’m not sure if I’d cope with the way I looked 20 years ago being in print (but then, I’ve never consider myself to have classical good looks!), she must be remarkably unflappable.

  4. Alrighty mate, your works has arrived in Sweden!

    (I checked your happylist, and thought it’d make you happier if the ones dropping by could see you’d be as famous if you dug your way straight down where you stand until you pop up on the other side of Earth… not that many people can point at the map and tell where Sweden is, much less tell you what it’s good for. But it IS about as far across the globe a NZ could get, so it should count for something, don’t ye think?)

    Nonetheless, the matter that brought me here was… *drumroll* …the INTERNET!
    (That and wikipedia… which of course is on the ‘net as well…. duh!)
    More specific, your cartoon with a very similar name, also depicted on the wikipedia page dedicated to you.
    (Good thing you signed it, or I wouldn’t have gotten here… Cheers laddies!)

    It’s been a nice chitchat, but lets get down to business.
    If you click “my” website, you’ll notice you come to some dull politics stuff.
    Don’t let that scare you away.
    It’s the PIRATE PARTY!
    We’d like to translate that particular drawing into Swedish and use it to clobber our parliament members until they get some sense into their heads.
    Would you mind if we use “Copyleft” or “Copyriot” instead of “in NOT copyright”?


  5. Hi Patrik – of course, I’m very happy for that cartoon to be used in any way that helps. I’ve been following the Pirate Party’s progress (congrats on the recent European elections!!).

    I’ve made high resolution files available here:
    1200dpi bitmap tiff
    300dpi greyscale tiff

    Just do the usual “right click and save as” thing to download them.

    And after publishing it, I realised I should probably have put Copyleft or something – my intention was to put it firmly in the public domain, so that anyone can use it any way they see fit (even without attribution, if that’s their preference). So you’re welcome to change the “not copyright” designation to a more suitable one.

    Good luck with all future endeavours – and rest assured, your efforts in Sweden are being closely watched and echoed around the world.

  6. Much obliged!
    I’m not sure you’ll have access to it unless you register on the forum, but none the less this is the direct link to the thread in question:


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