The Magic Pen – page 155
October 21st, 2014

The Magic Pen – page 155


  1. Seth

    Holy hell. I’m hardly an expert on hentai, but it seems to me that the tentacle-to-schoolgirl ratio is a tad off here.

  2. Yngvar

    I only know hentai by reputation, but with the rocket boots and all, I assumed that Miki was from a different kind of manga.

    Who’s that with Alice?

    And how long did it take to draw this?

  3. EMTonner

    Run… Run now.
    Geez, who drew that one with the magic pen? And how does a comic book character get out of her own comic? Someone would have to bring magic-pen books into her comic I guess.

  4. Dylan

    Yngvar: WAY too long.

  5. Dylan

    Ah. Wait and see. 😉

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