The Magic Pen – page 156
October 24th, 2014

The Magic Pen – page 156


  1. Yngvar

    Frankly, Sam’s cluelessness is getting a bit annoying to me.

    Though to be fair, I have a hard time envisioning a creep like that coming up with a female protagonist as cool as Miki.

  2. Dylan

    Miki would probably agree with you.

  3. Yngvar

    Come to think of it, are they still speaking English? Wouldn’t Miki and Akio naturally speak Japanese to each other? Does the pen also allow everybody in the comic to magically understand each other? Or are they really speaking Japanese, just translated for our convenience (and to cover for the fact that the writer is not Japanese)? That would explain how Akio’s last line would go completely over Sam’s head.

    Anyway, I’ve started to work out a back story in my mind for what’s going on here. I wonder how right I am. The gist of it is of course that Akio made his comic to live out some creepy fantasies, but Miki turned the tables on him and left him stranded in his own comic. I wonder if Miki was based on a real person, like an ex.

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