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More Horrocks film news: Dad wins in Amsterdam

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Yesterday I mentioned my sister’s new feature film, After the Waterfall, which premieres at the New Zealand Film Festival tonight. And now, continuing with the “My family is awesome” theme, my father’s short film about Len Lye, Art That Moves, has just won a prize at the Amsterdam Film Festival.

Roger Horrocks (that’s my Dad) has written various books about New Zealand-born artist and film-maker Len Lye, including the definitive biography. For his latest book, a study of Len’s work as an art of movement, Dad also made an 18-minute film – a dramatisation of key moments in Lye’s childhood and youth, when his fascination with light and motion set him on the path to becoming a pioneering kinetic artist. The film features various family and friends in the role of Lye; my hand has a brief cameo as Len’s hand drawing in a sketchbook and my 4-year old nephew Oscar appears as the Very Young Len.

The film is included on a DVD (along with some of Lye’s own films and footage of his kinetic sculpture in action) that comes with the book, also called Art That Moves (available from Amazon here).

If you’ve never come across Len Lye before, here’s one of my favourite of Lye’s films, which was made by scratching directly onto the celluloid itself:

And this is an excerpt from an earlier documentary about Lye made by my step-mother, showing one of his awe-inspiring sculptures doing its thing:

My sister’s movie, ‘After the Waterfall’ is out!

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

My very cool sister Simone Horrocks’s new feature film has its New Zealand premiere tomorrow (July 14), at the NZ Film Festival. After the Waterfall is Simone’s first feature, but her short films have done very well, including winning a prestigious prize at the Berlin Film Festival.

atw-antony-starr-press-picAdapted from Stephen Blanchard’s novel Paraffin Child, After the Waterfall is about a man whose young daughter goes missing; itfollows his descent into darkness and slow climb back into daylight. There are many great things about this film: Antony Starr’s extraordinary performance in the lead role (the whole cast are excellent), a powerful sense of place (Auckland’s west coast and suburbs), and an emotional intensity that will leave you reeling, but greatly enriched. I’m very excited about it – and very proud of my awesome sister.

Anyway, if you’re in Auckland or Wellington, you can catch After the Waterfall at the NZ Film Festival (tickets available here). I’ll post any later release news as I hear it.

And here are some interviews with Simone and other news about the film:

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After the Waterfall at