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I’ll be in Toronto this month for IFOA

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

I’m totally stoked to be appearing at the International Festival of Authors in Toronto later this month (October). The festival runs from October 20-30 and I’m on two round tables:

In Graphic Detail
Saturday, October 23, 3:00pm
Since 2005, the IFOA has showcased the work of cartoonists, illustrators and graphic novelists. At this event, artists Charles Burns, Dylan Horrocks and Seth share their latest works and participate in a round table discussion moderated by the CBC’s Shelagh Rogers.

Fictional Truths – Ideas on Time, Memory and Place
Tuesday, October 26, 8:00pm
Myla Goldberg, Paul Harding, Dylan Horrocks, and Eshkol Nevo discuss the building blocks of novel writing at this round table discussion moderated by Siri Agrell.

The other event I’m especially excited about is Lynda Barry’s session on the festival’s closing day (Saturday 30 October, 5pm).

So if you’re in Toronto, come along!

I’ll be in Montréal on October 27th

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

As the poster says, I’ll be speaking at Librairie Drawn & Quarterly in Montréal later this month. I’ll be talking about my strange journey from the first edition of Hicksville to the new one, some of the comics I’ve done along the way, and the ones I’m drawing now. I hope to show some stuff that hasn’t been seen in public before.

I can’t wait to see the D&Q shop, and to catch up with some old friends. If you’re in town, come along and say hello!

In Metro magazine

Monday, October 4th, 2010

metro-cover-oct10A one page comic by me is in the latest (October) issue of Metro magazine. It’s part of a feature in which a bunch of writers, photographers and artists document a single day in Auckland, as viewed from various locations. I chose the local mall and spent a few hours drawing people in the food court, the library, and walking around the shops. As I told the editor, I love malls, even though I hate shopping. Malls aren’t really about shopping these days anyway; it’s more like hanging out in the town square (albeit a highly commercialised, corporate-controlled one).

You can find Metro in most newsagents around New Zealand or get it online at Magshop.

Now you too can buy ‘All Hail Ellie, Destroyer of Worlds!’

Saturday, September 11th, 2010


As I mentioned earlier, Emily Perkins and I have done a mini-comic together! It was done as a jam comic – I’d draw a panel and send it to Emily, then she’d draw a panel in response and send it back, and so on. After a month, we had made a 32-page mini-comic (with one big panel per page) – half of it written and drawn by Emily and half by me. It’s a conversation between us, in words and pictures, about writing, stories, art, reality and – er – monsters.

We presented it at The Orcon Great Blend 2010 in Auckland on September 10th (a wonderful event put together by Public Address, Orcon and The Edge), reading it live while the pictures were projected behind us, which was almost as much fun as making the thing in the first place. About a hundred copies sold on the night (thanks everyone!!), but I still have copies left if you want to buy one. (Sorry – SOLD OUT)

All Hail Ellie, Destroyer of Worlds!
by Emily Perkins and Dylan Horrocks
a 32 page black & white mini-comic (A5 size: 14.85 x 21 cm)
Price (including postage):
within New Zealand: NZD $7
to anywhere else: USD $6



At The Great Blend with Emily Perkins

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Tomorrow evening in Auckland, I’ll be presenting a new comic with co-conspirator Emily Perkins at The Orcon Great Blend 2010. The Great Blend is an occasional event put together by Public Address and Orcon, and this time the theme is collaboration. Organiser Russell Brown put various artists, writers and other creative miscreants into pairs, urging us to create some kind of collaborative work for the occasion.

My team-mate was novelist, short storyist, creative writing teacher and all-round literary star Emily Perkins, who enthusiastically embraced my suggestion that we do a jam comic together – a conversation in words and pictures on the topic of why we write. Every day for a month, one of us drew a panel and emailed it to the other, who then replied the following day with their own panel. Although she claimed she hadn’t drawn anything since school, Emily launched into the task with gusto. And it turns out she can really draw! Our conversation took place as much through the images as the text, and by the end I was simultaneously exhausted and energised!

So anyway, the final result is a 32-page mini-comic (with one large panel per page), which we will read live at the Civic Wintergarden tomorrow evening. We’ll also have copies of the mini to sell on the night. If you’re in Auckland and want to come along, the event is free but you have to RSVP to get a seat (Update: IT’S FULL! SORRY). Hopefully, there’ll be some copies of the mini left afterwards, and maybe we’ll put the conversation online some time too…?

Alice Brown in Dud Comics

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

I’ve drawn a 1-page strip starring The Magic Pen‘s Alice Brown, for a Dunedin-based anthology called Dud Comics. You can find out about Dud and see some of the contributions on the Dunedin Comic Collective Blog.

Other contributors to Dud include Tony Renouf, Tim Cornelius, Chris Knox, Fane Flaws and more!

Toronto, here I come!

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

I will be in Toronto in October for the International Festival of Authors, which runs from Oct 20-30 at the Harbourfront Centre. Charles Burns is going to be there too! I’ll post more information as it comes up, but for now, just a big old YAY!

Library Week comics competition

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Library Week competition Library Week competition

Every year, New Zealand’s libraries celebrate Library Week with a whole heap of events and competitions. One of those is the “Graphic Novel Competition” – which invites people of all ages to contribute to an ongoing jam comic. Last year, I drew the first four panels, and this year the story was begun by veteran Wellington cartoonist Jason Winter. The contest started on July 26th, but still has a few weeks to run – so go check out the story so far, and then join in!

Book launch: Mike Johnson’s ‘Travesty’ (with art by Darren Sheehan)

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Come along this Thursday and help celebrate the launch of Mike Johnson’s new novel Travesty, illustrated by the mighty Darren Sheehan (co-creator of The Inhabitants comics). I’ll be there, toasting the good ship Travesty as it sets out on its journey…

In a neglected corner of Travesty, in an apartment building called the rathouse, five marginals take on the universe. Drunk Len takes a gamble on salvation, but can he find the ticket? Nisa Michelangelo reconstructs his David with a vital difference, but can art defeat time? Dr Reingold, the keeper of the files, finds himself doing the bidding of his hidden masters, but will he betray his patient? Dilly Lilly goes exploring through her tunnels of soft toys in search of her mother’s funeral, but what will she do with the mutant baby rat? And Glow Harvey steps into the world of probabilities on an odyssey of discovery, helped by his mysterious girlfriend Hermes, but will he remember enough to avert the destruction of Travesty by The Lion King and his terrorist allies? It all comes together on the Day of Delight.

Welcome to Travesty, where the stringent laws of purgatory rule and every nerve is put to the test.

Travesty book launch
6pm, Thursday 5th August

AUT Creative Writing Centre
4th floor, Duthie Whyte Building
Corner of Wakefield Street and Mayoral Drive

I’ll be at Doujin Overload this Saturday!

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Doujin Overload is Auckland’s annual doujinshi festival – a celebration of manga and anime and a chance for local artists to show off (and sell) their work. It’s been going for 5 years, but every time I’ve tried to go, something would come up and scuttle my plans. This year, however, I will definitely be there, as an invited exhibitor!

There’s a huge list of artists and exhibitors, displays of Dolfies and figures, an art competition, a Cosplay Cafe and plenty of stuff to buy. I’ll have copies of Hicksville there, along with original art and anything else I can throw together before Saturday.

The organisers (among them The Graphic Novel Cafe) are keen to encourage links between the local doujinshi scene and the wider New Zealand comics community, so if you’re unfamiliar with NZ manga come along and discover this thriving and energetic scene.

Doujin Overload
10am to 5pm, Saturday 24 July 2010
at the Hyatt Hotel (Regatta Rooms) (click for map)
Entry is only $2.00